Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu Nepal

About Handweave Carpet Industry

Handweave Carpet Industry is a family own business organization ."Sales go up and down but service stays forever” is the motto we believe. Providing quality rugs at the best price along with better hospitality is what we do best.

With  years of  working with the rug designer and rug developer from around the world we have gained the knowledge and experience of creating accurate innovative rugs.

Our history:

We first started as a service provider for nearly 20 years.We used to provide various finishing services like- washing , stretching, trimming , banding to the most of the rug exporters in our country. So,we have gained an expertise knowledge about  the  rugs, its nature which is also our greatest strength. Plus, we also have well facilitated factory built in 22400 square feet.

We always welcome you to visit our factory.

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